Alliance Partners:

ITI Limited is a public sector undertaking in the telecommunications technology segment established as a departmental factory in 1948. The company has manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru, Naini, Rae Bareli, Mankapur and Palakkad along with an R&D centre in Bengaluru and 25 Marketing, Services & Projects (MSP) centres in India, which are located at Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi and 17 other places spread across the country. 

The company has a diverse suite of products including manufactured products like Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), Managed Leased Line Network (MLLN) products, Stand Alone Signalling Transfer Point(SSTP), Wi-Fi Access Point, Radio Modem, SMPS, Set Top Box, Defence products like multi-capacity encryption units, Bulk encryption Units (BEU), Terminal End Secrecy Devices (TESD), Passive infrastructure products such as Optical Fiber Cable, HDPE duct, Antenna, diversified products such as smart energy meters, smart cards, solar panels, mini personal computers.

Besides offering the telecom turnkey solutions and customized support, ITI has a dedicated Network System Unit for executing turnkey projects for installation and commissioning of telecommunication networks. The company intends to upgrade and invest in the technology, through the acquisition of technology from strategic partners with a specific focus on high growth industry segments. The company operates a data centre at Bengaluru and currently expanding the same to offer cloud based services to government institutions/departments, banks etc.

The company is manufacturing a diverse range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products/solutions to hone its competitive edge in the convergence market by deploying its rich telecom expertise and vast infrastructure. Company is diversifying towards IOT, Smart city, other allied telecom products and services including turnkey project execution to offer solutions in diversified fields. Encryption Products are the company’s forte. Extensive in-house R&D work is devoted towards design and development of encryption solutions to Indian Defence forces.

Founded by Industry experts in Cyber Security, availability & IT Infrastructure Professionals with over 5 decades of man years-experience with leading brands worldwide. Team Strength; OEM certified on key technologies and growing, acquired over 30+ Customers across India and Africa. Committed to provide Best in Class solutions in the realm of Information, Data Security and Availability. Creating and Delivering industry certified resource pool to fulfil the every growing demand for Cyber Security Professionals.

Vinca is focused on delivering End-to-End Cyber Security Solutions , services and education in order to address the ongoing security challenges including ever increasing Cyber Threats, lack of skilled resources and changing IT infra. Vinca’s approach is the main differentiator as it understand the customer pain areas and only then aligns the right solutions with the right services to reduce the cyber risk.

Vinca’s approach is the key differentiator. Vinca works as Security Advisors for organizations no matter how big or small the organizations are. Vinca believes that the best of breed solutions are simple, secure and scalable that can meet their customers’ business requirements, match their budgets and most importantly help achieve their desired compliance requirements.

Chalo® is a complete school management software which handles end-to-end school management activities. By using this software system, the user saves huge time and money in performing various operations. All the modules are developed in a plug-and-play fashion, and hence the institution can choose their modules according to their business needs. Running a school effectively needs on-the-toes management skill and the skills necessary to take spontaneous decisions. We know that as a part of the school management team, you have to concentrate on various activities that may push and squeeze you more in a day. The normal 9-5 work rule doesn’t apply here as you often find yourself cornered with a lot of official documents and files even during the end of the day. Unlike the ordinary management software, we go the extra mile with Chalo®.
Why Chalo®
  1. Comprehensive student and staff records management – from the time of admission until the time of student/staff leaving the school.
  2. Automates the entire operations of the Institution.
  3. User friendly application interface requiring minimal training and computer skills.
  4. Compatible to CBSE / Matriculation / Residential / State Board Schools.
  5. Meticulous Syllabus Planning and Tracking option available.
  6. Computerized marks entry, rank card generation, attendance and fees collection.
  7. Quick updates on student attendance, progress reports and fees payment to parents through Email and SMS.
  8. Academic student performance evaluation reports for students throughout sessions.
  9. Centrally stored database with zero redundancy with high level data security & user management.
  10. Automatic database backup from Server.
  11. Fees Bills, TC printing and exporting of reports to Excels and PDF formats are supported.
  12. Truly Automated Time Table Generation and Teacher substitution features.
  13. Parents Comfort: Pay Fees Online (through reputed payment gateways) within 10mins from anywhere – Cashless Fee Payment.
  14. Chalo® is Tally Integrated.

At its core, Inspace is a technology consulting company offering IT services and also providing applications for meet business needs and growth through specially designed IT audit and infrastructure services exploring the power of technology.

Inspace, a technology consulting company, manages medium/large Enterprises across India where IT investments need clarity and optimal utilization. Inspace aims to achieve Optimal Performance with the IT Infrastructure of these organizations and core applications used by such organisations. Inspace aids clients explore the power of technology and its applications for business needs and growth through specially designed services and infrastructure advisory. Technology audit is performed with technology as the core strength and focus on the business needs.

Inspace ventured into a new business model where it partners only with direct clients and not with any Principal company. The association with Principal companies is maintained at a level where the consultancy role can be justified. Inspace trains the existing vendors of various clients to achieve optimal performance and as a consulting company, Inspace gives the clients the best of choices in terms of products and services. Inspace also works with clients to enable the successful implementation of ERP to accelerate their growth in business.

Vedhya Technologies

Vedhya Technologies was established to be a niche player and pioneer work in the areas of R&D services to design and develop COTS products, electronic product designs, PCB layout, prototyping, programming and specialty products to address requirements to various verticals like defence, Industrial electronics, and medical devices for customers both domestically and globally. Focus areas are: Focus areas are:
  1. Electronics manufacturing:
    1. Avionics,
    2. Aerospace,
    3. Defence, and
    4. Medical electronics
  1. Products development on Tech Platforms:
    1. Embedded solutions with high-speed computing SBCs (Single Board Computers),
    2. Radar systems for commercial aircraft – indigenously designed and manufactured SBCs.
  1. Consulting services (Zero Failure rate):
    1. Onboarding scientists associated with defence establishments
    2. Specialized/niche R&D services (based on specific client requirement)
  1. Products and services:
    1. Industry-standard bus architecture like VPX, VME, CPCI based Single-board computers
    2. Board support packages (BSP) for Real-time operating systems like Vx Works 6.x, Integrity 11.x.x, Linux Kernel core development using Verilog and VHDL.
    3. Device driver development for various RTOS (VxWorks6.x, Integrity 11.x and Linux).
    4. Design, Development, and Manufacture of Quality Products Based on Microprocessor and Microcontrollers.
    5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller trainers for common 8 bit/ 16 bit/ 32 bit and DSP processors,
    6. Educational interface modules,
    7. In-circuit and ROM emulators,
    8. Universal programmers and Eraser,
    9. PC Add on cards for the PCI & ISA bus,
    10. VLSI Trainers based on FPGA/CPLD’s,
    11. Euro cards hardware modules and Racks,
    12. Linear and Digital Electronic trainers,
    13. Industrial Controllers,
    14. Communication Trainers,
    15. Time Code Readers, etc.
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