Contemporary solutions are the outcome of exemplary vision.

Building a nation requires fortified minds brimming with confidence, value system, integrity and the belief to achieve the impossible. Brihaspati Group supports and brings together those strengths and able hands that expend energies in nurturing talent, skill, wordsmanship, ability, a knowledgebase spanning decades of experience for a new era harnessed alongside an attitude to scale newer peaks from those already captured. The 21st Century and more specifically the year 2021 has brought forward an India that the world is looking forward to as a beacon of hope, peace, torchbearer that shall lead the universe through its diversity, yet distinct identity.

Keeping these ethos and spirits embedded firmly in our hearts, and forging ahead in the new millennium, Brihaspati Group has now embarked itself in the audacious journey of playing a prominent role in nation-building through participation in opportunities that employ the capabilities of the youth, their power, and together with deeply rooted wisdom of the experienced carried forward through several generations.

Information Technology and Software (Security and Embedded Technologies), Telecom Infrastructure, Media and Advertising, Marketing Intelligence, Infotainment and Entertainment, Education. These are the domains where Brihaspati Group desires to be the catalyst for altering the status on several allied verticals in our new age Bharat. I strongly believe that the India of today under the current aggressive leadership of our great nation has fundamentally altered the image from a resource depleted dependent India to a robust “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, brimming with hope, certainty and irreversible direction towards prosperity and light for millions of people, not only in India, but for the world at large.

The destiny to make India into an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” lies squarely in our hands. We, at Brihaspati Group have made a humble, but firm beginning. Come, let us take the journey together.

S.K. Dwivedi

Chairman-cum-Managing Director

Brihaspati Group

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